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How to Learn the Moisture-Proof and Mildew-Proof Tips for Fabric Sofas?

May. 12, 2021

As an OEM Modern Fabric Sofa Manufacturer, share with you.

The fabric sofa is soft and comfortable, especially when the weather is cold, I don’t want to leave when I lie on it. But now that spring is here, the air is getting more and more humid, and the cloth sofas at home are also becoming damp.

Fabric Corner Sofa

Fabric Corner Sofa

In spring, the south will begin to drizzle. Although the warm and humid weather is a good helper for the budding of all things, it is a troublesome enemy for household items. Not only solid wood furniture, but also fabric furniture will also be affected. Speaking of fabric furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is fabric sofa. Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the fabric sofa in the wet spring, otherwise it will be damp and moldy to breed bacteria, and the problem of dust mites will inevitably be caused by long-term use. This will not only affect the beauty and durability of the sofa itself, but also cause a lot of human skin and respiratory health. Adverse effects. So today, the editor is here to talk to you about the commonly used methods of preventing moisture and mildew on fabric sofas.

Step 1: Remove dust. For fabric sofas, you can often use a special vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust on the surface. In particularly humid weather, you can use a blower to blow the sofa lightly, or blow the heater against the sofa for about half an hour, and it can also remove the moisture in the sofa, alleviate the damp condition of the fabric furniture, and ensure that the fabric furniture is clean and dry. The key to mold prevention.

Step 2 : Lay a sofa towel on the surface of the sofa with a good water absorption performance, so that it can absorb moisture, and secondly, it can be cleaned frequently. In humid climates, it is best to use a sofa towel with good water absorption performance to wash, so as to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Step 3: Moisture treatment. For ordinary fabric sofas, if they are damp, they can be dried with a hair dryer or dryer, but pay attention to keeping a certain distance between the hair dryer and the surface of the cloth to avoid overheating the fabric or causing danger. For fabric sofas with more sophisticated workmanship, it is best to use a special vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust on the surface.

Step 4: mildew treatment fabric furniture will be discolored and decolorized due to long-term damp in the initial stage, and macula or mildew may appear on the surface; furthermore, the elasticity of the fabric after being damp will be lost, the stretching force will decrease, and the volume of the fabric will increase.

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